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September 20, 2017
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October 18, 2017
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Coming together from across the Scottish Borders young people united to be a driving force for change hoping to make a difference to their peers in the region.

YouthBorders, the third sector networking body for the Scottish Borders, held their first Youth Forum meeting, launching their new and exciting project which is set to empower the next generation, giving them a powerful platform of influence for the third sector to influence the decision makers and be the change for the better in the Borders.

Receiving financial support from Border Toyota, the project has been able to hit the ground running in reaching out across the Scottish Borders to those young people who may not otherwise come forward, working closely with youth clubs from across the region giving it a unique voice and perspective on matters the young people raise. The Youth Forum is looking forward to developing a close working relationship with Border Toyota, over the coming months, developing the skills of the young people.

The Youth Forum will not only be a platform enabling the young people to highlight the issues and areas of concern but also to champion the Scottish Borders region, promoting and shouting about the positives of being a young person living in the Scottish Borders. This project is timely as the Scottish Government’s ‘Year of Young People Approaches’ throughout 2018, in which YouthBorders hope to capitalise on the issues and topics that the young people raise over the next few months to ensure they group hit the ground running in the New Year to be a true voice of young people living in the Scottish Borders.

Speaking of the project at the first meeting of the Youth Forum, Clare de Bolle, Chief Officer of YouthBorders said; “This is an exciting time for Young People in the Scottish Borders, as we approach the Year of Young People, our young peoples voices could not be more important to influence change within the region. The young people participating in the group will have a direct impact on YouthBorders, our membership and how we work on a day to day basis on behalf of these very young people themselves.

Adding to this Borders Toyota Head of Business Criag Anderson stated; “YouthBorders are a huge asset to our young people in Scottish Borders and we are delighted to be supporting them with the creation of a Youth Forum and developing young people for tomorrow. We are excited about the potential in aspiring young people to achieve their best and to support their communities, something we feel very passionately about at Borders Toyota”

The Youth Forum will meet again on the 3rd November to establish its action plan for the forthcoming year and take forward the action points from their launch meeting. You can keep up to date with the progress of the Youth Board on, or on Social Media Twitter @YouthBorders or

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