Joining YouthBorders

Joining YouthBorders is really simple and for just one yearly fee you join two Membership bodies, YouthBorders and Youth Scotland.

Now you just need to pick the right membership package that is right for your organisation.

Membership Only

You can become a member of the YouthBorders/Youth Scotland Network without taking the Youth Scotland insurance cover. However, in order to meet the quality standards for membership you need to provide information, on the membership form, about the insurance cover you have in place.

To become a full member of YouthBorders/Youth Scotland you should be able to demonstrate that you are delivering community based youth work where:

• Membership is available for anyone or any group carrying out youth work and the principles outlined below and working with children and young people between the ages of 5 and 25 years old. Please see the section linked to this page on the benefits of joining YouthBorders and what it means for you.

• Young people choose to participate. The young person takes part voluntarily.

• The work builds from where young people are. The young person’s life experience is respected and young people are involved in shaping the agenda in negotiation with peers and youth workers.

• The group recognises the young person and the youth worker as partners in a learning process. The young person is recognised as an active partner who can, and should, have opportunities and resources to shape their lives.

Membership and Insurance

YouthBorders operates a membership package including insurance for its members, through the Youth Scotland network.The Ansvar Insurance scheme is provided through Towergate Insurance and offered to YouthBorders/Youth Scotland member groups.

What is covered in the Insurance Policy?

Employers Liability Insurance – £10m limit for any one claim.

Public Liability Insurance – £2m limit for any one claim (Public Liability cover has been extended to include up to 12 overnight trips per group per annum)

You have the option of purchasing additional Public Liability insurance of £3m

Member to member Insurance – £2m limit for any one claim(£5m with additional PL option)

Product Liability Insurance – £2m limit per period of insurance (£5m with additional PL option)

Contents Insurance – up to a maximum of £3,000

Membership Forms

Membership Only

Membership & Insurance

Guidance Notes