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Launch of Peaches and Aubergines

On Thursday 6th September YouthBorders and NHS Joint Health Improvement Team launched an exciting new healthy relationships resource, ‘Peaches & Aubergines’. This dynamic series of films and information made by young people, for young people, looks at the important matters relevant to them around healthy relationships, consent and respect.  The ‘Peaches & Aubergines’ initiative was made possible with the support of a Big Lottery Young Start grant and has been in collaboration with VOMO, Voice of My Own at Live Borders.

Each film clip showcases the events of a Friday evening after a night out in the town from the perspective of a young person, providing various endings to each situation and the possible risks a young person could face. The 5 video clips are supported by additional links and materials that can also be accessed by young people, but also provide an effective and enhanced learning resource for youth workers, teachers and other practitioners working with young people enabling effective discussions, questions and links to explore these important issues.

Chief Officer of YouthBorders, Clare de Bolle said; “This project has been so exciting to be part of, working with young people at every stage from devising the material, putting the videos together and working with the creative input of VOMO to ensure the information is not just correct, but also what the young people themselves want and need.

YouthBorders and JHIT have already run successful theatre productions in each of the Borders High Schools over the past two years which highlighted to us that our young people of the Borders wanted more up-to-date information relevant to their lives and the questions they have. This project is now that resource and I hope it will help empower more young people and practitioners to have positive discussions within safe environments and promote healthy and respected relationships and resilience.

I am particularly proud of this project not only in the way it has involved young people from the start, but also in how it demonstrates the very strong partnership approach we have in the Borders to support young people.   I sincerely hope that this valuable resource will be widely taken up by schools, NHS, social work, youth work and many others.”

Allyson McCollum, Associate Director of Public Health, Child Health Commissioner, NHS Borders, said: Healthy, respectful relationships are a very important part of young people’s wellbeing.  We know there are so many pressures on young people nowadays to look and behave in certain ways and so we want to equip with the skills and confidence to understand the choices they can make and the responsibilities they have towards themselves and other people.  This new resource will be really useful in encouraging good discussion with young people as it is based around issues which they have told us matter to them.

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