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September 27, 2018
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May 10, 2019
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Peaches & Aubergines goes LIVE

Following the launch of Peaches & Aubergines in September, we are delighted to announce that the website is now live.

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The original launch press release from September outlines the background and project as a whole.

As you will recall, Peaches & Aubergines is a dynamic series of films and information made by young people, for young people, looking at the important issues relevant to them around healthy relationships, consent and respect.  The ‘Peaches & Aubergines’ initiative was made possible with the support of a Big Lottery Young Start grant and has been in collaboration with VOMO, Voice of My Own at Live Borders, Joint Health Improvement Team and also many other partners which has been a real bonus.  

To recap:  Each film clip showcases the events of a Friday evening after a night out in the town from the perspective of a young person, providing various endings to each situation and the possible risks a young person could face. The 5 video clips are supported by additional links and materials that can also be accessed by young people, but also provide an effective and enhanced learning resource for youth workers, teachers and other practitioners working with young people enabling effective discussions, questions and links to explore these important issues.  

We are currently printing up hard copies of the handout to support practitioners, workers, volunteers etc and also posters to have available for our members and partners.  We are also looking at a series of multi service workshops in each locality in the Borders to support those using the tool and will work with schools on this too to ensure that the resource is slotted into the appropriate sections of their new Sexual Health timeline. 

We have also established a direct email address for queries too:  [email protected]

We are extremely grateful for Young Start’s support of the project and hope to engage them further with young people and the resource in the coming months.  Once again it is the Borders showcasing the tremendous collaborative, co-producing and creative partnership work that goes on here, all driven by young people for young people.

We would be grateful if you could circulate to your contacts and spread the word and look forward to working with you on this and other projects in future. 

Thank you very much

Kind regards


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